Trolls and the Troll Hunter in Norway

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One of history’s best kept secrets
The Troll Hunter is a documentary that will reveal one of history’s best kept secrets. It also focus the spotlight on the Norwegian government’s willingness and ability to suppress the truth when it is too sensitive.

Trolljegeren © Filmkameratene

Trolljegeren © Filmkameratene - with permission from SF

Trolls do in fact exist
This documentary is about a a group of students having learned the trolls do in fact exist, and they set out to capture a real-life troll. You’ll see great Norwegian nature… And wildlife ;)

Worldwide screenings
The documentary will be shown all over the world, dates depends on the distribution companies.

Should you get curious after seeing the “Troll Hunter” documentary, Google for “Theodor Kittelsen”, and “Asbjornsen and Moe” to get more information :)

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